Friday, April 23, 2010

Drum roll please...

So a new follower (Yay!) brought up a good point of asking me what my stats were. I guess If I'm going to blog about my weightloss (er.. attempt at least) journey, I need to say what my stats are, so here goes:

Ht: 5'1 Yep, I'm a shorty!

Starting wt: 180
Current weight is also 180

Goal ht: 5'7 HAHA KIDDING! (i wish)
Goal wt: 115-120

A few weeks ago I started an lost like a pound and gained back one and a half. Don't know what happened there, but oh well. So here I go, starting again.

Those of you who follow the LoseIt app forums may have read a little bit about my "how I got to this point" story. I'll go ahead and give a short version anyway:

Let's see, I weighed about 120 as a senior in hs. Even though I was thin, I still felt fat. I guess it was just a self-esteem issue. Now I wish I could be 120 again, I would appreciate it so much more! Instead of gaining the "fm 15" I gained like 25-30 pounds over the next several years. At 150 I still didn't feel comfortable in my skin, but I don't think I looked terrible. I had a lot more confidence then , than I do now. Then I got pregnant, gained 40 lbs. Lost only about 20 After I had the baby. I wound up gaining about 10 of that back though. I was just under so much stress that I didn't have time to pay attention to how I was eating or take care of myself.

My son was diagnosed with cancer, we had to spend a great deal of time in the hospital. The cafeteria was open all hours of the night, and I was bored and stressed, so that led to alot of late night snacking.

Now that my little man is getting better, there aren't all of those distractions anymore. I've realized just how bad things have gotten, how bad I've let myself go and it's time I take care of myself a little more and get back in shape. This time for good. I want to lead a long and healthy life with my son!!

So whats your stories? What led you to gain weight and what made you finally decide to take control of your life?

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  1. Yay for stats. :}
    Im so glad that your son is getting better.
    I gained a lot of weight when I met my fiance. I guess you get comfortable with the one you love and dont really think your letting yourself go until you hit a breaking point mine was 196. Thats when I knew it was time for a change.
    Through high school I was around 130-160 I mean I gained pounds here and there as I was getting older, I wasnt comfortable in my skin back then either but it didnt really bother me as much.
    My stats are 5'4 ish ( no worries about being 5'1 i thought I was 5'5 and come to find out Im not lol) who knows i might even find out im 5'3 lol. Im gonna get measured today when my fiance goes for checkup.
    My ultimate goal weight is 110 but my first goal is 120 some sites say lowest for my height is 114 others say 111 but i figured id go to 110 and just tone up and leave some room to gain muscle.
    Im sure ill be happy at 120 lol but we'll see when I get there.

    Its almost like you guys are starting fresh a new life. Your son is getting better and youre trying to become healthy, I know you can do it.

    I say this all the time to people. Were all in this together and we CAN do it.