Tuesday, May 18, 2010

starting over

I haven't posted in awhile. I've been so frickin stressed out over finals and catching up on end of the semester crap. Sadly I let it effect my eating. I've eaten horribly for like the past two weeks and haven't worked out and let me tell ya my body can tell the difference!!!

I feel like crap, I feel tired. I feel stressed. My body feel's stressed. I don 't feel as energetic. I feel like I get exerted more easily than when i'm treating my body right. But i'm glad I'm feeling all of these things because i've learned my lesson.

I can't keep messing up because i'm stressed out and it just seems easier. That's a cop out. It's not worth it to my health for me to eat JUNK. It may trick my mind that it taste good, but c'mon it doesn't taste THAT GOOD. It doesn't taste good enough to be doing what it is to my body.

So tomorrow i'm starting over. It's back to healthy eating, counting all my calories (every single crumb) and forcing myself to get my exercise in every single day.

We went grocery shopping today and got lots of good healthy stuff, so i'm ready and good to go.

I'm ready to commit to this. I want to get healthy and in shape. I'm not going to let you win anymore, food. I am in CONTROL. Not you! I'm calling the shots from now on!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Kimi- So sorry to hear about your friend. Even though you weren't very close it's still a tragedy. It's always very sad and heartbreaking for someone to lose thier life, especially that way. My thoughts and prayers are with you:)

Losing loved one's is hard. Let that remind us that life is fragile and unexpected. Let that be a reminder to live our lives well, to be happy and healthy.


  1. Just seen ur post. Thanks for the prayers :}
    & nope Im not having any shoulder pains. If I dont get a period within a few months then Im gonna get looked at. I always get crampy before my period starts but it usually starts within a few days after but idk yet. I dont have anymore cramps or anything so maybe it was my period and was just really light or Im gonna start or who knows lol its so confusing I need to make appt for check up soon anyway so I can ask then. & I dont think I could be pregnant since we always use protection now but I know there still could be chance

  2. Hey, just found your blog. I hope everything's going well despite being busy.