Thursday, May 6, 2010

I admit it...

I just ate Burger King for dinner. Ya I know, it's not good for ya. Feel free to yell at me if ya like.

Thing is, I thought it sounded good. I had a really nice healthy salad for lunch and so I figured, what the hay? I'm not going to lie. I can't be one of those people that are going to say "I'm never going to eat fast food or anything bad ever again." That simply wouldn't be the truth. I know it. But I think as long as you are trying to eat healthy 95% of the time, that it's okay to indulge once in a while. Definitely not often, but every now and then is okay. I'm not endorsing the idea, that's just how I feel for me.

So there ya have it. The UGLY TRUTH of what I had for dinner. Oh well, life goes on right?

I don't feel guilty. I've been working out really hard the past three days. That new workout dvd is really kicking my ass and I'm lovin it. My muscles are so sore that I can barely move, not an exaggeration. I just push myself though and a continue to give 110% to every work out. It may hurt now, but I'll be glad I did it in the long run.

I haven't been counting calories for like the past week. Not really sure if that's a good idea or not yet. I still pay attention to what i'm eating and measure out servings. And I still try to make sure what i'm eating is healthy (besides tonight's dinner, obvi.) I just feel like when I was counting my calories with Lose It and writing down every little thing, obsessing about it almost made it harder to do. Hmm, not really sure how to explain. I think It just felt like more of a chore ya know? Almost as If i wasn't enjoying my food as much. I may go back to it, I love Lose It, it's a great program and a big help, I just decided to see how it went without it for a week or two.

I'm proud of myself for not stepping on the scale so much lately. I've really tried to ignore that number and just keep doing what i'm doing. If i'm feeling good and eating well and exercising, I feel good and I know it's going to slowly come off, why obsess so much about the number? It's just a number. It's not worth letting it upset me and making me want to quit trying.

So what do you guys think? Are you disappointed in my slip up? Any new workouts got you excited this week? And how do you do things.. do you write down every single calorie and add it up or just pay attention to what you eat and try to keep it healthy? Which way works best for you?


  1. I am the same way. I don't think I will ever be able to say I will never eat fast food, sugar, or stop eating processed foods. Maybe sometime in the distant future perhaps..

    Bad dinners happen :) We'll get there. I figure once and awhile we should give in for an indulge to keep the binge urges down. Also: good job stepping away from the scale. I have got to try to be like that again. Get someone to hide it for me maybe. Haha

    As far as "how I do things.." I have to admit I haven't been tracking very much lately. I have been guess-timating (ha!) how many weight watchers points I have consumed. Not great really but I'm going back to writing things down. Tomorrow when I wake up I am starting again. Writing down EVERYTHING. It really makes me aware of exactly what is going into my mouth.

    Good work with the exercise persistance :)

  2. I agree, I would like to maybe say in the future that I never eat fast food ever, but i'm not counting on it. Just taking it one day at a time.

    I do think that stepping away from the scale is better for dieters mentally. We naturally fluctuate on a daily basis and people get too upset when they don't see the number decreasing, they allow it to deter them from doing good.

    I may start writing things down again too. I know it helps, I just felt like writing things down was like a chore and in a way it made me less motivated.

    Thanks for Sharing your ideas!!

  3. If I eat fastfood I get a wrap or salad. I hardly ever eat fast food. For the prices of fast food you can eat at a restaraunt and most restaraunts have healthy choices. Like applebees thats my FAVE out to eat place I LOVE IT lol ill never give up restaurants because they have healthier choices but you can also fill up on good food and take it home for later.

    Whenever I crave fast food, I just think of the stuff they make it with and how dirty it could be there

    Thats just my opinion lol. Plus fast food makes my stomach hurt if I eat it since Im so used to healthier food.
    I know fast food is convenient and fast but you could always make meals ahead of time and plan them out in the fridge. Im not disappointed in ya, we all have those days.

    For calories, I write down every single calorie I eat. I find I lose more weight when I wrte it all down. Some things I don't even have to go back and check I already got stuff I eat memorized but I still write them down because Im not good at remembering or holding calories accountable from earlier on that day.
    Its whatever works for you the best!!

    The way I see it is if your up making food already go ahead and jot it down. I keep a food journal my thinspiration book on the counter turned to a page I write my calories down each day so that way its ready to go I add up breakfast once I eat and lunch and dinner once I eat them that way I know how many calories I have left for lunch and dinner. I usually have plenty left for a few snacks,

    Sorry for such a long response lol hope it helped you some.